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for the pharmaceutical industry, medical device manufacturers, biotech and CROs

Procurement and Vendor Management

Do you need support in your CRO selection ? Not sure how to find the right vendors for your international clinical trial ?

We would like to support you in your vendor selection, be it for a single trial, your entire clinical program from first-in-man to late phase studies, or by setting up an entire outsourcing strategy and -process with you.

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We manage the full scope of your clinical provider selection from shortlisting to kick off  through project finalization.


Interim Management and Resourcing

Interim management for e.g., biotech, pharma, medical device companies and CROs:

  • As CEO, COO
  • As Internal consultant
  • In key operational roles in development or project governance
  • As external procurement/outsourcing manager.
Wether you need ressource for a limited time, or add specific expertise, we provide interim management and on-demand solutions.

Strategic Consulting

Successful change needs both, strategy and execution. We dont have all the answers already. We offer strategic consulting based on two decades of operational experience, working with you and your team to find the solutions that add value for you.  

We are your strategic partner